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Company background

On the 18th of April 2021, Michal Smialko launched Pompom on the Mac and iOS apps stores to help podcasters create studio quality podcasts in a fraction of the time they normally spent. He had tried to make his own podcast but after struggling with the confusing interfaces of the tools on the market, he posted a mock up interface of his own idea on Reddit. The enthusiastic response lead him to create a proof of concept which a select group of enthusiastic testers provided feedback. Within months, the first version of Pompom was launched on the App Store. Since then, the Pompom team has continued to enhance the app through leveraging the latest technology from the Apple platform as well as continued feedback from their user base.


Multi-track recording

Record one or multiple tracks on your device so you can separate different speakers. Import audio when you have remote guests.

Free transcriptions

Automatically generate a transcript of your podcast so you can share enhanced shownotes which listeners and search engines love.